"Midevil Conduct"

5' x 3' x 29"

A perfect mix of reused materials, this one has an added bit of copper to the wood that facilitates uninterrupted movement of energy around the table. MC_Top
The main area of the table is a butcher block style birch and the outer border is oak.

The apron is oak flooring flipped over to show off the nice relief kerfs on the underside.

The big highlight of this table is the inlay of 10 gauge copper wire running around the table, the wire has been sanded to give a nice square edge on the top.

Everything is reclaimed, save the copper, the birch was a warped table I found curbside, it took a good bit of hand planing but I was able to get it pretty level before joining the oak to it. The oak comes from Habitat For Humanity's wood recycling dumpster. It was a large panel that looked like it would have been a cover for some commercial size heat vents (my guess is that it came from church).

The finish is a mix of Nutmeg and Walnut gel stains with three layers of Poly on top - ending with a satin finish. All finish materials are from the ReStore. This one was a really fun project and I'm glad I was able to get it done! A great table for up to 6 adults.

(Here is a shot of it before it was finished, reminds me of some gold chain wearing Long Island guy)

(Another corner shot before finishing)

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He spends time re-appropriating bits out of the scrap pile, doing his fair share of dumpster diving, and is continually on the lookout for inspiration and parts that fit the whole. Attempting to strictly use materials that are on their second or third life is an important part of the work process. Abundant resources have already been used to get materials to the consumer level initially, with their lives often cut short there is still great potential in what some might discard.

Though the concept of reuse in this capacity is nothing new, Ed hopes to intrigue and possibly stimulate others to creatively look at the potential of things around them. We have the capacity to make better use of the resources already tapped, and there is no time like now to do it.

Herein lies part of the ultimate solution to the new economy; think locally about your resources, get creative, and support your fellow craftsmen and community members.

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