36" x 34" x 12"

This was made for Portland's Design Week 2013, it was featured in the 'Boombox Construction Kit' event. Thanks to Hellion Gallery and Case Of Bass for help and encouragement on this.
The box is made of scrap plywood from around the shop, which means it is many different kinds, but mainly maple and birch. I did the accents with Oregon black walnut, and the legs were cut from some scraps.

Case Of Bass provided all the stereo components...

Shelf Bottom Corner
My goal for this design was to make something that really is a piece of functional furniture. It is a done with some mid-century design ethetics in mind, specifically some of the larger enertainment centers that use to be the norm in homes.

Shelf Side View stacked

Shelf Top Corner
I have a mix of boxes and circles on this, so wherever possible I wanted o play with those shapes.

Shelf Back
I incorporated some metal grating for accents along the components.

Shelf Back
The sides are twice as thick as the top and bottom. I thought it gave a nice weight to the piece.

Shelf Back
Here I have the walnut attached and am working on the size and positioning of the legs.

Shelf Back
The center box containing the turntable tray, tweeter and amp was the first to be finished.

Second Nature Design is run soley by Ed Challed. Ed is originally from Long Island NY and is a graduate from Syracuse University. After college he made his way to the Bay Area in California in order to pursue a career in the tech industry. He worked for many years doing web development, and after a large wave of outsourcing hit this industry and jobs were moved to India, Ed made his way up to Portland, Oregon. He has resided here for over five years and has been learning the skills of woodworking during this time. Ed works with a few basic goals; to use as much second hand materials as he can for a project, and to keep the concept of functionality in all of his art.

He spends time re-appropriating bits out of the scrap pile, doing his fair share of dumpster diving, and is continually on the lookout for inspiration and parts that fit the whole. Attempting to strictly use materials that are on their second or third life is an important part of the work process. Abundant resources have already been used to get materials to the consumer level initially, with their lives often cut short there is still great potential in what some might discard.

Though the concept of reuse in this capacity is nothing new, Ed hopes to intrigue and possibly stimulate others to creatively look at the potential of things around them. We have the capacity to make better use of the resources already tapped, and there is no time like now to do it.

Herein lies part of the ultimate solution to the new economy; think locally about your resources, get creative, and support your fellow craftsmen and community members.

If you have any ideas for projects please call or email. 503.860.3142 -

Thanks For Looking,

Ed Challed

For the time being my blog will be directed back to this site. After I really finished building out this site and get some more time I will begin the blog activity again. Thanks. -ed